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Not just another craft brewery…

Michigan is home to over 300 craft breweries.  So, why do we need another one?  Here are four ways that barrel + beam is different:

Family of Ales

Barrel + beam opened in January 2018 as the region’s lone farmhouse ale brewery; a genre that allows a range of flavors, textures and nuance grounded by dry drinkability. 

Michigan Sourced Ingredients

The Great Lakes State could just as well be called The Great Fruit State.  Michigan grown apples, peaches, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, among others, will find their place in our seasonal and limited releases.  The growth in Michigan’s hop, malt and brewer’s yeast industries, combined with our freshwater, has allowed for 100% Michigan sourced ale to be crafted.  Ale with pure Michigan terroir will be a cornerstone of barrel + beam.

Oak Aging

Aging in oak wine barrels provides the ultimate environment for house culture to thrive and produce the most refreshing, complex and distinct ales. Many of our ales will spend a year or longer in oak, often with an addition of Michigan fruit.

Bottle Conditioning

This finishing touch is the only way to ensure fine, Champagne-like carbonation and perfectly soft foam when poured.  Like wine, beer that is bottle conditioned often gets better with time.


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